Experience Better Human Resources, Payroll, and More

Zazzy Business Solutions provides affordable business process outsourcing, payroll, and human resource solutions

Experience Better Human Resource, Payroll, and More

Comprehensive Human Resource Solutions. Whatever your need, we have you covered.

Please answer a few questions, and we will provide you with an affordable, customized human resource solution, built around your business.

ZazzyHR BPO Packages

ZazzyAssist – our Comprehensive Human Resource Service

Upgrade your Human Resource Department, with a dedicated team of professionals, a full suite of included services, and a partner.

Zazzy offers a full range of Human Resource Management services. Everything is à la carte and designed to adapt to your business as it grows. From Benefits shopping and payroll, to risk management and more. Zazzy can help you reduce your human resource department workload.

Our human resource support packages are all-inclusive. They include the online platform and day-to-day management for all your HR department needs. Designed to stay affordable throughout your company’s lifecycle, while reducing your workload, compliance headaches, and the company’s liability.

Comprehensive Human Resource Service that uplifts and supports your business

Time & Attendance

Our employee attendance solution comes with powerful insights on how to set up or improve your employee participation strategy. It also helps to control expenses by reducing over-payments, transcription mistakes, interpretation errors, and intentional changes.

Our options include biometrics (iris, fingerprint), badge, mobile, and web entry. Compliance is never a worry.

Compensation Management

We will design and implement sound policies, programs, and practices for employee compensation.

We take a tailored approach for compensation design that allows work to be done in a fair, equitable, and logical manner

Performance Management

Our seasoned Human Resource Professionals will provide personalized guidance and tools to help you recruit ideal talent, offer effective training, and drive high performance.

From competitive compensation programs to culture development, we’ll help you build your dream team.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Our human resource specialists provide a range of professional staffing services for our clients which can include:

Job Fairs, Job Post Advertising, Internship, Community Outreach, and process review and improvement. We will even onboard them in your system for you!

Benefits Administration

Our technology-enabled administration platform gives clients peace of mind. Ensuring that are able to respond to market changes, ensure compliance, and control costs.

We work with trusted national brokers to obtain favorable quotes for our clients. Our pre-existing relationship allows us to obtain some of the best available pricing available.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting to track your business performance and Analytics to answer strategic questions. Each one relies on the other and allows us to shed light on questions to ask.

Our business is powered by AI, which means our clients are extended the same next-gen technology.