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4 Out-Of-The-Box Employee Benefits To Attract Workers In 2022

Employers need to think about what they offer employees including the cost of the benefit to the employee, the value it brings, the cost to the employer, the percentage of employees that will actually use the benefit (this is huge!), and the ease of implementation. The benefits offered need to work, otherwise, they’re just a cost. And that’s not good for the company’s bottom line or the employee. Who wants to work for a company with amazing benefits they never use? 

The ‘wellness’ of your employee mental health benefits

We’ve all seen the statistics pointing to the pandemic’s impact on mental health for employees. With rates of depression and anxiety skyrocketing, and the Omicron variant leading to continued uncertainties, mental health is evolving as a major focus for companies’ HR teams. Because of this, we’re seeing employers prioritizing and investing in mental health and …

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Business Conversations with AI

Business Conversations with AI – A weekly interview series starting 2022. The following is a conversation with an AI assistant in development. The assistant is helpful, creative, clever, and very friendly. This AI was designed, developed, and trained by OpenAI and its partners. Zazzy Business Solutions utilizes GPT-3 within several forward-thinking projects. Hello, who are …

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